Q:   Why would I use SpecAlert?

A:  As a specifier – the reasons vary from practice to practice. We find that there are two very distinct reasons for specifiers to use SpecAlert, firstly the issues surrounding the risk factors of specification; such as product substitutions, product availability and incorrect installation. The second is the fact that SpecAlert gives the specifier a chance to be recognised as a product friendly specifier – this information is currently difficult for manufacturers to obtain.

  As a manufacturer – there are a number of real issues that SpecAlert addresses. These are; identification of who specifies your product, identification of actual projects your product is specified on and who the next decision maker is in the project if it is not the specifier. SpecAlert provides this information at an early stage in the project and allows the manufacturer to monitor the project through to completion.


Q:    How long does SpecAlert take for the specifier to fill out?

A:   Depending on the number of manufacturers and custom notes that you as a specifier are looking to include it can be anywhere from 1.5min to 5min. Once you are comfortable with the screen set up speed will increase.


Q:   What happens if I don’t fill in all the boxes?

A:   If compulsory boxes are not completed then they will be highlighted in red once you hit send, there are of course optional sections such as consent number and general comments as these may simply not be available.


Q:   Who owns SpecAlert?

A:   SpecAlert is privately owned New Zealand Company and is at present a separate entity in the construction industry.


Q:   Who can use SpecAlert?

A:   Anyone who specifies product in the construction industry and all approved building product suppliers


Q:   Can I pull a SpecAlert back?

A:   Not at present however we are always adapting to the surrounding environment.


Q:  How does SpecAlert work for specifiers?

A:   Complete the FREE registration and you are up and running, your email address becomes your default username and password. For further information; go to the specifiers tutorial page.


Q:   How can I become a part of SpecAlert? (Manufacturer)

A:   Fill in the contact us section on the front page and we will get in touch and talk through listing options. For further information on the functioning of SpecAlert go to the tutorial page.


Q:   What is the cost of SpecAlert?

A:   SpecAlert is Free for specifiers & the manufacturer pays a minimal fee per project received.