Industry Testimonials

I am a recent convert to the SpecAlert system and with the very first time I used SpecAlert it highlighted a substitution that both the client and I were unaware of. It also gives me some peace of mind knowing that the specified products are more likely to be installed correctly when the manufacturer is actively involved in communicating with the client and builder. The feedback information that SpecAlert can provide is valuable in a myriad of ways. This benefits the project at hand as well as future applications of like-products. 

I’m now a fan and will continue using SpecAlert.

Warmest regards,

Grant Beazley
GMB Design (2005) Ltd.


I use the SpecAlert online service; they have provided my business with an excellent support tool to enhance my ability to communicate directly, with the manufacturers of product that I regularly specify on my projects. I find SpecAlert an easy & simple online tool to use. SpecAlert is one of the few means I have to try and keep what I specify, specified. I find the practice of having to change plans and specifications down the track annoying when others have made decisions to change materials without considering why I researched and specified them in the first place. 

I can confidently recommend SpecAlert as a brilliant functional tool that assists my business to be more efficient and effective.

Yours faithfully

Tony Pilkington
Sketch Architecture Ltd


Initially the reason I decided to use SpecAlert was the consultative process they used to create the SpecAlert online system. SpecAlert is a simple, free, quick and easy process to enter product details. For me I now have a method of letting my favourite manufacturers know that I’ve specified their product. My hope is that by doing this I cut down on the need to re write specifications when others come along and change them, it just saves the hassles & issues around substitution. It also tells me if those manufacturers really do care about what I specify.

Substitution by others when a designer is not in control of the project, can be a dangerous thing. Most substitutions happen by builders, contractors, owners without due consultation, consideration and product knowledge. It is normally carried out in ignorance, sometimes with dire consequences. Spec Alert goes part of the way to help us avoid this.

Spec Alert also gives the manufacturer a chance to build that all important relationship with designers/specifiers. I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t use it, the advantages speak for themselves.

Yours faithfully

Mark Brown
Solutions Architecture Ltd


I have used SpecAlert on several projects and find this to be an excellent communication system to the specified supplier’s. Their online system is specific and relevant to the needs of my business, as this assists me in keeping the products I have specified incorporated into the final project and prevents the additional work created when others take it upon themselves to substitute materials without realising the consequences.

I would not hesitate in recommending SpecAlert.

Yours faithfully,
Royce Matson
A R Design Limited


I have recently started utilising the SpecAlert online system as I produce the plans to the building consent stage and do not get involved in contract management. This provides the opportunity for the manufacturer to check with the client to ensure that products specified are not changed and assist the client with advice and further support. 

SpecAlert is easy to use and gives me some confidence that products specified will be used.

Judy Foot
Judy Foot Design


I have recently started utilising the SpecAlert online system. As I am not always involved in contract management, this provides the opportunity to insure a smooth progression of the project. It allows the manufacturer to run with the ball and assists the client with advice and further support.  The added value and support that SpecAlert brings to my specifications is well worth the 2 minute exercise.

SpecAlert has filled a gap in my process and it’s so easy to use.

Yours faithfully

Phil Mason

Phil Mason Consultants