Spec Alert for Manufacturers

Current Market without SpecAlert

What is SpecAlert?

SpecAlert is a quick and easy web based notification that links the Specifier to the respective manufacturers of specified products in upcoming projects – a first in two way communication.

Why does the market need SpecAlert?

The market needs SpecAlert because the market created it!

  • SpecAlert addresses the manufacturers’ problems of “who specifies my product, what product(s) are being specified and where are the projects”
  • Specifiers that use SpecAlert have the opportunity to back up their specification document and help prevent substitutions, availability issues and installation problems.

Market with the introduction of SpecAlert

Market Benefits

Benefits for the Manufacturer

  • Identify product friendly specifiers and strengthen relationships
  • Real leads, real contact details, early notification
  • Private communication with no third party involved
  • Direct link to the next decision maker in specification process
  • Allows data to be exported and analysed
  • Performance based fee structure & measureable value